Sienna Kai: 6 Month Update

IMG_1122Whoa! We hit the 6 month mark!

This past month with Sienna was pretty eventful. We traveled, tried new foods, went to our first arts and crafts baby party and we got a pretty bad case of teething with a side of cold (still trying to get better!). Insert sad face emoji here. There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your baby sick, luckily she still shows me little hints of her personality which give me comfort and remind me that everything will be alright.


Moving on – The big thing that I noticed this month is that she really started to explore the world. She tries to grab everything she can reach and she is taking time in observing everything in detail. It’s like everything was out of focus for a while and all of a sudden she can see detail so it’s all new again. I say this because our daily routine at home is fairly consistent and she knows her space already, however, things that never used to get her attention are now so attractive to her. The fridge for example. We have magnets and photo booth pics all over it and now every time that we walk by it, her little arms stretch out and try to grab a photo. It’s pretty cute. She also has been a fan of being held in a standing position, her legs are getting strong!


She loves Charlie so much! I notice that she is constantly looking around the house for him and every time he is close she reaches out to touch him. She also gets a kick out of seeing him play with his ball. She starts laughing when he starts chasing it or when she sees him running around at the dog park. I feel so happy knowing that they are going to have each other in their lives.


Sienna tried a number of new foods this month and so far she’s loved everything! She can’t sit up on her own yet so she still gets a little frustrated sometimes as she still needs to be propped up or held during meal times. She doesn’t seem to mind different food textures so whenever I give her food that I make, I don’t really puree it that much for her. Yesterday we were out eating and John and I were taking turns holding her as she was fussing quite a bit, we had french fries on the table so I figured I’d just hand her one to hold and play with to see if she would calm down a little. She went bananas! She even started shaking a little when I pulled it away and wanted me to give it back to her…. ha! I guess I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t love french fries.

Sleep has still been great – John and I always joke that we will probably get the other end of the stick whenever we have our second… We are officially down to two naps a day and early bedtime. She wakes up cooing now which is so cute to hear on the monitor, she’s quite the talker. I’ve noticed she’s more interested in exploring her vocal skills than her motor skills as she still doesn’t roll over (she’s done it like 3 times total) or move around much when she’s laying down. We are done with swaddles and now use the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit for all naps and nighttime sleep. I’m hoping I can transition her out of the suit before summer hits as it’s definitely warm inside the suit. Also, she loves sleeping with her little fluffy puppy. Whenever it’s nap time she grabs him and holds him close to herself, I swear right now she likes to snuggle more with him than with us. One of the nights that she was sick we tried to bring her in bed with us and she didn’t love it, she fell asleep back in her crib with her pup 🙂


Her dislikes right now are getting changed, the car seat (doing a little better but honestly it’s still on the dislike list), seeing mom or dad walk away from the room now that she knows what distance is and getting her face wiped off.

Our trip to Guadalajara was a lot of fun. She did great with the time zone transition and seemed to be more adjusted than our first visit during Christmas. I was able to hang out with my close friends on evenings while my parents took care of her and did our bedtime routine with her. My wish is that she grows and learns to love trips back to Guadalajara as much as I do, it’s important to me that she gets to know my family down there so this was a great start. We will probably head back down there in the summer and hopefully in the future we can leave her with her grandparents for a couple of days.

IMG_0612And before I wrap this update up:

IMG_1126We started marking our wall with her height! Granted I know we won’t be living at this house during her entire childhood but I had always wanted to do this whenever I thought of being a mom.

Thank you for another month together Sienna Kai! I love you!


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