Trader Joe’s Finds & Faves

I’ve heard people say (mostly girls but I’m sure it applies to most of us) that it’s hard for them to leave Target without buying something that they didn’t even need. Yes. Guilty. I do have to say though that I’m pretty good at just walking straight to the aisle or department of the item that I need, grabbing it and heading to the registers. I don’t really browse at Target that much. Take me to Trader Joe’s though and it’s a totally different story.

Trader Joe’s is my Target. Obsessed! I walk down every aisle, EVERY time. We don’t really do our groceries there, Sprouts is cheaper and less tempting for me. Not to mention they do bulk so that’s that. Anyways back to Trader Joe’s. I’m a fan. When we lived in Hillcrest we used to live so close to one that I’d pretty much go every day. Now that we’re further I don’t find myself going as much but when I do I make sure to take my time and check out any new stuff and pick out some of our TJ staples. Here are some gems from my latest visit:


1. Organic Baked Teriyaki Tofu – I love how it’s already pressed and seasoned. Perfect for when I don’t have the time to press and marinade a regular block. It’s a couple of dollars more than just their regular tofu but so worth it!

2. Cold Pressed Juices – Looks like TJ’s caught on the juice craze and went their own route. The juices are delicious, made with only fruits and vegetables and cold pressed. They’re 5.99 a piece which is cheaper than the cold pressed competition.

3. Inner Peas & Inner Beans – We’re quite the snackers over here so I’m always looking out for healthy snack finds. We love snacking on nuts, hummus, baby carrots and these crunchy peas. This was the first time I bumped into the beans which I’m pretty sure will live up to their name.

4. Preserved Tunisian Lemon Slices – I was totally wooed by the presentation of these bad boys. The slices look perfect and so pretty! Not to mention I have had my eye on this Cauliflower Cous Cous with Preserved Lemons and Chickpeas Recipe.

5. Almond Butter – Gimme that! Nut butters are a staple in our kitchen and this one is hands down our favorite. No fake ingredients and so delicious. We get one or two jars every time.

6. Roasted Seaweed – Put some hummus on it and eat it!


7. Japanese Green Tea IPA by Stone – IT’S BACK! Boo-yah! John and I were on a serious beer hunt for this beer when this came out about 3 years ago. I’m a big green tea fan so I knew I had to try it. I didn’t even know that they had released it again and BAM! There it was. Happy early Valentine’s Day to me!