Sienna Kai: 7 Month Update

This little nugget is 7 months old today!


What a fun month – other than a terrible week with a cold and some days where teething has being giving us a hard time, it’s been so great. Her personality is really starting to present itself and she’s so enjoyable to me. She is very interested in everything – just really paying attention to details ie. my earrings (ouch!).


There’s been a lot of eating going on. Sienna seems to want to try any food at sight and so far she has enjoyed experimenting with different flavors and textures. I’m doing a mix of purees and baby led weaning and it seems to be working great for us. She loves cinnamon sweet potato fries, hummus, blueberries and yogurt with chia seeds. She’s also been chewing on some foods to help her with her teething – she chomps on apple rings and cucumber slices and they seem to do the trick. I am only giving her two “formal” meals per day and some snacks throughout. I have noticed however that now that she’s realized that food exists, her interest in milk has definitely declined. She used to down her bottles and now she takes her time and doesn’t even finish them half of the time. She does the cutest “excitement leg bounce” when she sees that I am getting her meal ready :).


We tried the bucket swings this month and she loves them! She was cracking up the first time I put her in one and we’ve been back to the park a couple of times since then. She is also getting much more comfortable with spending more time on her belly but still won’t roll over. She is in no rush! Lately she gets a little frustrated since she really wants to sit up but isn’t quite there yet – we’ve been practicing and she’s slowly getting better. It’s great seeing her get stronger and just develop these new skills – so neat to witness. She loves taking Charlie to the dog park and being out and about, just like John and I, she doesn’t seem to be showing signs of being a homebody.


Her sleep has remained consistent (knock on wood) and we seem to have a really predictable/set schedule. She is still sleeping in the merlin suit, I’ve tried to put her in the crib without it a couple of times but it hasn’t worked. She still can’t seem to settle herself and put herself to sleep without it. I would like to get her sleeping suit-free by summer time as the suit is warm and it’s going to be hot around here. So I guess that’s my next challenge.

We are currently in escrow for our first home and if everything goes well, we will be moving later this month. I am excited for Sienna’s new room which is bigger than her current one. Also, the house is bigger so I won’t have to worry about tiptoeing my way around while she’s asleep.


This upcoming Monday we will start out with a nanny. I am going back to work for three days a week so we hired someone to watch her. Sienna and I loved her from our interview and I am really hoping that they are a good match as I can’t help but to feel worried about leaving her. I feel very thankful and lucky that I got to spend her first 7 months of life exclusively taking care of her – moving forward, my goal is being able to maintain a healthy work/life balance so that I can be the best mom I can to her while still moving forward with my career as well.



Sienna Kai: 6 Month Update

IMG_1122Whoa! We hit the 6 month mark!

This past month with Sienna was pretty eventful. We traveled, tried new foods, went to our first arts and crafts baby party and we got a pretty bad case of teething with a side of cold (still trying to get better!). Insert sad face emoji here. There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your baby sick, luckily she still shows me little hints of her personality which give me comfort and remind me that everything will be alright.


Moving on – The big thing that I noticed this month is that she really started to explore the world. She tries to grab everything she can reach and she is taking time in observing everything in detail. It’s like everything was out of focus for a while and all of a sudden she can see detail so it’s all new again. I say this because our daily routine at home is fairly consistent and she knows her space already, however, things that never used to get her attention are now so attractive to her. The fridge for example. We have magnets and photo booth pics all over it and now every time that we walk by it, her little arms stretch out and try to grab a photo. It’s pretty cute. She also has been a fan of being held in a standing position, her legs are getting strong!


She loves Charlie so much! I notice that she is constantly looking around the house for him and every time he is close she reaches out to touch him. She also gets a kick out of seeing him play with his ball. She starts laughing when he starts chasing it or when she sees him running around at the dog park. I feel so happy knowing that they are going to have each other in their lives.


Sienna tried a number of new foods this month and so far she’s loved everything! She can’t sit up on her own yet so she still gets a little frustrated sometimes as she still needs to be propped up or held during meal times. She doesn’t seem to mind different food textures so whenever I give her food that I make, I don’t really puree it that much for her. Yesterday we were out eating and John and I were taking turns holding her as she was fussing quite a bit, we had french fries on the table so I figured I’d just hand her one to hold and play with to see if she would calm down a little. She went bananas! She even started shaking a little when I pulled it away and wanted me to give it back to her…. ha! I guess I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t love french fries.

Sleep has still been great – John and I always joke that we will probably get the other end of the stick whenever we have our second… We are officially down to two naps a day and early bedtime. She wakes up cooing now which is so cute to hear on the monitor, she’s quite the talker. I’ve noticed she’s more interested in exploring her vocal skills than her motor skills as she still doesn’t roll over (she’s done it like 3 times total) or move around much when she’s laying down. We are done with swaddles and now use the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit for all naps and nighttime sleep. I’m hoping I can transition her out of the suit before summer hits as it’s definitely warm inside the suit. Also, she loves sleeping with her little fluffy puppy. Whenever it’s nap time she grabs him and holds him close to herself, I swear right now she likes to snuggle more with him than with us. One of the nights that she was sick we tried to bring her in bed with us and she didn’t love it, she fell asleep back in her crib with her pup 🙂


Her dislikes right now are getting changed, the car seat (doing a little better but honestly it’s still on the dislike list), seeing mom or dad walk away from the room now that she knows what distance is and getting her face wiped off.

Our trip to Guadalajara was a lot of fun. She did great with the time zone transition and seemed to be more adjusted than our first visit during Christmas. I was able to hang out with my close friends on evenings while my parents took care of her and did our bedtime routine with her. My wish is that she grows and learns to love trips back to Guadalajara as much as I do, it’s important to me that she gets to know my family down there so this was a great start. We will probably head back down there in the summer and hopefully in the future we can leave her with her grandparents for a couple of days.

IMG_0612And before I wrap this update up:

IMG_1126We started marking our wall with her height! Granted I know we won’t be living at this house during her entire childhood but I had always wanted to do this whenever I thought of being a mom.

Thank you for another month together Sienna Kai! I love you!

Weekend Happenings

We finally made it to Popotla for lunch! Sitting on a plastic chair by the beach, drinking Tecates and eating seafood in Popotla had been on John’s bucket list for a while. Sienna still hates the car seat so some parts of the little excursion weren’t super fun but it was worth it! The food was delicious, there was no line at the border to cross back and if you follow me on IG you probably saw that Charlie met a pig… it was pretty hilarious.


I tried this delicious hummus trio and did some work for the next issue of the “La Vida Vegan” column. I can’t reveal the spot I picked yet but… it will be awesome! Also, for the March issue I will be one of the featured contributors so make sure you pick up a copy!

I got Sienna ready and all dolled up for a bridal shower that we had on Saturday. My cousin got her this cute dress from Du Pareil Au Meme for Christmas and I was waiting for a special day to put it on her. Unfortunately, the outing ended up being a total #fail. Her naps have been funky and she’s starting to teeth so she had a Meltdown with a capital “M” that ended up with her napping at home while John watched her and me arriving at the shower almost two hours late. It’s true – having a baby is amazing but there are definitely days that totally go wrong. How cute did she look though? :)akeout from Tajima on Saturday night. Enough said.

Babies and beers at the Modern Times Flavordome. I know I mention this place pretty often. It’s really close to our house and my friend Andrew works the bar so it’s pretty much our go to. Also #allthebeer that they make is delicious. And their typography is pretty. And Sienna loves the lights in there. Sold.

We went to the San Diego Zoo! Sienna loved it! Her favorite part had to be the aviary. At her age she couldn’t really “see” a lot of the bigger animals so she loved just being around all of the plants and sounds inside the aviary. She spent most of our visit with John holding her and they had a great time together. Sienna met her little cousin David visiting from New Jersey. His mom is my first cousin and it was great to catch up with her and her husband. John and I don’t have family living in San Diego so it’s nice being able to spend time with our families whenever they visit. I grew up surrounded by so many cousins! Luckily we have a lot of close friends in San Diego already so I am sure that Sienna will have a good amount of company around her as she grows up.


Sienna Kai’s 5 Month Update

I can’t believe our little girl is 5 months old! I could kiss those chunky cheeks all day!


I’ve noticed that since she was born, months have been flying but days actually go by slower. Having a baby definitely helps staying present and in the moment – and then when you look back, it’s strangely a big blur. Yesterday I was talking to a friend who has a toddler and she mentioned how you definitely forget a lot of the newborn stage things as your kid grows up. She says you end up being so focused on the present stage that your child is on, that on the moment that they’re on the the next one, the last one becomes distant as it looses all of your focus. I guess it’s like going on to the next level on a video game :).

This is why I want to start writing monthly updates for Sienna. I actually wish I had done this from the beginning! Oh well.

Time with Sienna is getting to be so much fun these days. She is so interested in everything that is going on around her. Our walks are awesome. I’ll catch her staring at trees and flowers. She reaches out to grab stuff too which is pretty neat. We’ve been walking to the dog park as well and she loves watching all of the dogs running around. Most of our walks are still in the carrier as the stroller is still hit or miss for her. We are making progress with the car seat but occasional meltdowns in there are still part of our routine (worse part of my day). She also loves being in the carrier when I am cooking – I like talking to her and telling her what we are making for dinner as I prep all the ingredients.

She used to nap when I made dinner but she has more alert time now so she’s my little sous chef. She’s been going to bed pretty early these days as she doesn’t always take a third nap anymore. We’ll start her bath (which she loves) at around 5pm and she’s usually in bed by 6ish. If we’re lucky she makes it all the way until 6am the next morning. That or she wakes up at around 4:30am as she lost her pacifier. I rarely feed her at night anymore, only when she can’t seem to go back to sleep after waking up or when I notice she’s going through some sort of growth spurt. One of my favorite parts of the day is early in the morning when I go into her room to unswaddle her and say: Buenos Dias! Seeing her smile back at me is the best way to start the day. She still sleeps swaddled but I am pretty sure I will have to stop soon as she started rolling over from tummy to back. We’ll see how our nights go once the swaddle is gone. Eek! We tried the Merlin Sleepsuit like a month ago but she still seemed too small for it, I may give it another whirl.

She’s been eating like a champ lately – already at 8 ounces per feeding. She loves eating laying down and actually prefers to not be held for this. My mom bought her this Boppy Lounger when she was born, she used to fall asleep in it all the time but now it’s her favorite place to eat. We use it pretty much all the time unless we’re not home. This past week she’s gotten stronger though and is starting to lift her upper body while laying on it – like boat pose in yoga. She cracks me up.

I was almost certain that I wanted to wait until she was 6 months old to feed her solids but we started a little early. She had been doing this chewing motion with her mouth and showing interest in food when she saw us eat. I read this could also be a sign of teething but she seems pretty happy (not in teething pain) so I didn’t think it was that. I’ve been doing some reading on baby led weaning and yesterday we decided to give it a go with a banana. SHE LOVED IT! She just got frustrated when the banana started getting slippery as she would loose grip of it when she still wanted more. She kept opening her mouth and moving her chin down as if she could magically call the banana back in her mouth. This photo was right at the beginning of our attempt, we had to change her clothes after as it was pretty messy. I am excited for future adventures as we experiment with food!

Our play time includes tummy time (which she is finally enjoying more), dancing, reading, petting and observing Charlie, time on her play mat and baby airplane. She’s discovered her feet too so sometimes she doesn’t even need a toy to entertain herself. She’ll just stare at them and try to grab them. She loves her sock monkey snuggle buddy and this lamaze peacock. We started playing peek-a-boo the other day but it doesn’t work all of the time yet. One day she was laughing so hard when I was playing with her and the next day she was like… ummm what are you doing mom?

Her laugh is in my opinion, the best sound the world. I’m pretty sure I look like a goof all day with my multiple attempts at making her laugh. Her cooing and babbling hasn’t gotten old either. Her least attractive sound these days is a grunt that she keeps doing whenever she gets bored or wants to change her position but she can’t. I feel like she’s at a stage where she can’t do much although she really wants to so she gets frustrated sometimes.

She is definitely in love with her dad this month. Her face lights up every time he walks into the room and they have such a cute bond when they are together. John and I take turns; he’ll surf a day and then I’ll go out on a run the next day. So we both get some exercise and bonding time with Sienna in the mornings (which is normally when she’s in her best mood). When she was younger I was definitely overprotective of her when she was around John… #firsttimemommyproblem, nowadays I feel comfortable just letting them do their own thing. This past Saturday I had my first solo day trip while Sienna and dad stayed behind. I went on a taco + beer + mezcal tour in Tijuana so it was kind of great to not have cell phone reception or else I’m pretty sure I would have been texting John the whole time. I came home to a sleeping baby. Success!

In a couple of weeks, Sienna and I are flying down to Guadalajara by ourselves, John will catch up with us later. I’m hoping we make it down there without any airport/airplane meltdowns. It’s nice having an extra set of hands to help with the carry on, other than that I feel pretty confident so wish us luck!

I feel so thankful that I get to spend these early months with her. I actually still don’t know if or when I am going back to work full time as I am currently just working remote on different projects. I’m still and always will be a dreamer when it comes to my professional life – the vision of owning a small restaurant run by me is one that has been in my mind for years now. There will be a time and place for that. Or at least I like to believe so. Motherhood is so amazing and so hard some days. Life goes by so fast. I am certain that I won’t regret setting this time aside to raise our daughter and I am thankful that I have such a hard working husband that allows me to do so :).